Partnership and collaboration


Significant medical – scientific collaborations 

Our clinically tested orthotic solutions come from  important international partnerships with the most authoritative specialists, universities and research centers. 

•Podartis collaborates with Prof. Volpe since 1992, presenting at ISPO congress in Lisbon, the first temporary shoe with an outsole in talism, allowing the early walking.

•In 2005, thanks to the center of biomechanics of the Rizzoli Institute in Bologna and to Dr. Giannini, it was made a new shoe for forefoot offloading. In comparative tests, made at the Novel laboratories in Munich, it gave the best results in the forefoot off-loading.


Podartis and Vibram

Vibram is an established brand, the first to have developed a rubber sole and it is currently the world leader in the production of soles.

The partnership between Podartis and Vibram was founded in 2007 with the common objective to study and develop high performance materials for people with feet problems.
Today, they have reached many important results: the creation of Diapod and Vipod, two innovative materials with exceptional dermocompatible features, and the implementation of specific outsoles for Podartis' footwear that, thanks to the Podartis knowledge of biomechanics and the technical know-how of Vibram, they guarantee optimal stability in all conditions of use.

Podartis and Podiatech – SIDAS

SIDAS, a French company born in 1975, has four core values: innovation, passion, performance and commitment. The synergy between Podiatec, the orthopedic division of SIDAS group, and Podartis give birth to the most technologically advanced solutions for every foot, every activity, every day.

The offer PODARTIS - Podiatech opens to the professional a range of high quality solutions: semi-finished orthotics, materials and equipment for the production of insoles with different techniques.

Podartis and Novel

Novel is the German world leader in biometric analysis and study of the distribution of body weight on the footwear. This is one of the laboratories where Podartis tests its footwear.
The tests are specific to study the pressures beared by foot during gait.
Throughout the obtained results, Podartis can design its footwear and in particular the diabetic foot product line, in which, even more than other products, it is vital a correct distribution of weight.






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