Our story

Podartis was born in 2001 in Montebelluna, Treviso, from a team with a strong know-how and technical expertise in orthopedics, led by Dr. Buratto the founder of the Company.

The research group has been active since 1987, with the first studies on self-moulding footwear, later extended to footwear for the postoperative course and the diabetic foot.
The company has always heavily invested in research and development, working closely with specialists in the medical and technical fields to test and develop its shoes. Through the years, it has reached milestones such as the introduction in 2003 of self-moulding shoes made of Flexpell,  in 2006 the presentation of biomechanical soles to reduce pressure peaks during gait and, last in chronological order, in 2010 the approval granted by the prestigious journal Diabetes Care on the effectiveness of the walker Stabil D in the treatment of plantar ulcers.

This allowed Podartis to be considered today the leading company in Italy in the orthopedic shoe.





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